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About Us

Stereomojo came about because of people like you. Everyone associated with Stereomojo, even our accountant and graphics people, has a love of music first. They are all non-paid volunteers who are participating because of their passion for music and the recorded arts. We believe the “absolute sound” is real music.

Our quest is to make the reproduction of recorded music more enjoyable and affordable for our audiophile readers.

We believe the most important component in a stereo system is the listener. In other words - you. Here we believe that you are more important than the equipment, the writers and the publisher. We’ve created this site based on that philosophy. We’ve read too many stuffy, verbose reviews where the writer seems more important than the gear. Not here. We are here to serve, inform and advise you in plain, concise language.

Our readers carry more influence than anyone else. We want you to feel that this is your website. For that reason we vigorously solicited your opinions and ideas. Find something you want reviewed? Email us.

Have a great idea for an article? Let us know. We’ll even give you a prize if we use it. Really.

You will never see personal or political opinion or bashing here. It has no place in an audio publication.

Here’s why we think Stereomojo is uniquely geared to meet your needs as an audiophile:

We focus on high quality 2-channel audio only. No multichannel, wifi or video.

We target price points that represent the best value. That means no midfi products that would be found in the big box chain stores. Neither will we deal with ultra-luxury components whose prices resemble phone numbers. We believe those appeal to a limited number of extreme audiophiles who are willing and able to spend outrageous sums for small incremental improvements. We think hi-end sound need not cost as much as a house.

We emphasize “bang-for-the buck” recommendations that are not vague and much more pointed than you have seen before. “Highly recommended” just isn’t good enough for our readers. We have created our

which you will see at the end of every review. Sometimes we do not recommend a product at all for anybody under any circumstances. How often have you seen that in other review publications? When we do recommend something, we specify for whom we think it will work well, in what size room, system, type of music or speakers and so on.

We know there are companies around the world with lesser known names that represent great value but never get reviewed. We want you to know about them. In fact, if a certain company's product has already gotten several reviews (you know who they are) we won’t bother. We want to bring to your attention those great values the others ignore.

How many reviews have you read where the product is tweaked unmercifully to coax better sound? Our reviews - favorable or not - will be based on the product alone, just as it would be in your system at home. We want our reviews to mirror the consumer’s in-home experience as much as possible. If you have to buy different amps, cables or speakers to make something sound good, that’s not so good. Reviewers are instructed to base their findings on their existing base reference system. If the reviewer wants to add or substitute cables, isolation devices, amps or speakers, that’s fine and encouraged. Differences should be reported, but the bottom line should be based on an un-tweaked system and product, based on the designer's stated design goals. If the designer tells us the product was designed to be compatible with another specific brand or type of component, we tell you that and make sure the product is reviewed on the basis of what it was designed to do. Make sense?

For example, a Ferrari is a great car, but you would not want to take it off-roading in rock-filled mountains. It would be destroyed in minutes because it wasn't designed for that purpose. So it is with stereo gear. Often it is designed to work best under specific conditions. We make sure our reviews reflect that.

We believe analog is grossly under reviewed. Our goal is to review more turntables, arms, cartridges and phono preamps than anyone else. In addition, we want to be the premier source of LP reviews - new, reissued and that Golden Age vintage vinyl we love so much.

We will also:

  • Cover vintage tables and amps with tips on restoration
  • Compare vintage gear to current gear. Who else does that?
  • Keep an ear tuned to the newsgroups so we can be the first with professional reviews of “buzz” gear.
  • Review modded products & have feature articles on modding and DIY,
  • Review Pro Audio gear from Benchmark, Alesis, Grace, Mackie, Behringer and others, comparing them to similar home audio products. Ever seen that before?
  • Publish a regular article on tube rolling and tube info. Into tubes? So are we. Look for a lots of great reviews of tube components.
  • Be on top of solid state and emerging technologies of amplification. We have already done something never before attempted or accomplished in any publication; we did a blind shootout of 14 different amplifiers before a panel of reviewers. Fourteen!
  • Digital playback is advancing rapidly. The lowly CD is better than everyone thought. CD players and DACs will undergo our scrutiny, too. DVD-A and SACD are on the back burner for now.
  • Regularly review headphones and headamps, written by people who live and breathe them. Not just occasional listeners.

We respect manufacturers. We know their efforts to bring us listening joy are time consuming and costly. Whether positive or negative, our reviews will always be honest, thorough and truthful. But never harsh or mean spirited. We know the truth can be told without being arrogant and obnoxious.

We set our goals high, but we’re also realistic. Growth takes time. We know and we want you to know that all of these aspirations will take time to develop. Great writers who have the time and the ability to work for free are hard to come by. By the way, if you think you might be one, please contact us.

Procuring products for review and getting them to the appropriate review takes time, too. Our reviewers live coast-to-coast in places like Maine, New York, Texas, Florida, Nashville and San Francisco, just to mention a few. We even have reviewers as far away as Australia.

What we’re asking is, bear with us. We think your patience will be worth it.

James Darby
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Get in touch with us at: publisher [at] stereomojo [dot] com.