The SilverFi Texas Tour

I was lucky enough to be a part of the Texas Tour of SilverFi interconnects in which there were two interconnects involved, the Phrygian SE ( $249 1m) and the Shaman X1 ( $179 1m).This tour was intended to give audiophiles of Texas (but not limited to), a chance to audition two of SilverFi Cables' products with the conditions being after signing up: 1) You would receive the interconnects and have one week in which to evaluate them, then via USPS priority mail send them on to the next person given you by a coordinator, and finally to post your thoughts and experience on the original thread started on Audio Circles.




Shaman X1 - $179 1m

& Phrygian SE - $249 1m



These SilverFi interconnects are made in Ankara, Turkey by Sezai Saktanber.These are braided cables (I believe his daughter does the braiding) and while not real fragile looking, I would suggest as with any other cable that you handle it by the rca connectors.

According to Sezai, “What we are about is tone, musicality, harmonics, texture, dynamics and transparency. Tone is the key element in music. SilverFi Cables display a harmonically complete tonal neutrality and accurate timbre that you have rarely experienced in other cables. The music will be coherent and demonstrate an unpredictable yet ceaseless flow with ease and spontaneity. Any information lost at the source is lost forever. So try to preserve as much source detail as possible in the signal chain. We draw our own unique silver and silver-alloy wire. We use our own creation of silver-alloy and silver and both are hand drawn by our experienced technicians. Thus,it can be said that SilverFi is one of the rare cable manufacturers that produce its own metal and alloy, draw its conductors used in its original designs."

The brand name of the company is "SilverFI" which could suggest the cables are pure silver. In response to my question about the cable's construction, he replied, "In most of the models, alloy types (ingredients and ratios) are different even for the + and - conductors, so are the gauges. I mainly use 3 different metals. i can say that the silver content of my cables are high. there are 2 different non-metal items which are used in the mix, they effect the alloy in a different way. A certain aging protocol is applied after the drawing process and before that we apply a certain organic coating to the conductors. We use a special production high gold content solder among other high quality brands and employ varying soldering techniques for different models.”


Being braided, these are not shielded designs and as such Sezai warns to pay attention to routing of the cable to avoid interference from power transformers and cable television components. As far as I know at least one of the guys on the tour had this problem in his home theater/two channel system. Luckily I did not experience any problems as I have a dedicated two channel system.

The Phrygian SE and Shaman X1 are part of SilverFi's Black & Blue Series in which Switchcraft RCA plugs are standard and Eichmann copper (Cu) and silver (Ag) Bullets can be added as upgrades.






I placed the cables in my system as a combo unit as suggested by Sezai by placing the Phrygian SE between my dac and preamp and Shaman X1 between my preamp and power amp. This was the only setup that I tried as I only had a week to audition them per tour terms.
This one week deadline accounts for this rather brief review which is not in keeping with Stereomojo's usual in-depth approach.

For the highs I listened to Kari Bremnes' “My Heart is Pounding Like a Hammer”, Previn's “Stars Fell on Alabama”, and “Piece by Piece” by Katie Melua. Kari Bremnes is a rather obscure singer born in Norway who could best be descbied as a cross between Joni Mithcel and Jane Monheit. Interesting, no? You can hear her on YouTube, but her albums, being imports only, are hard to come by. Her recordings have oustanding sonics worthy of a reference.

Through the Silverfi's, the highs were easy to listen to, detailed with some of the details being not as pronounced as what I am used to with my reference interconnects. Examples being: on “My Heart is Pounding Like a Hammer” the cymbals at the beginning and the upper snap of the drum sticks on the heads, the guitar strings on “Piece by Piece”, and the audience applause, background coughs and upper range piano riffs on Previn''s “Stars Fell on Alabama”.


For the midrange I listened to female vocal“Eric's Song” by Vienna Teng, male vocal “Dreamin“ by Amos Lee , classic jazz via Art Pepper's “Over The Rainbow”, and “Freedom Jazz Dance” by Brian Bromberg, a contempory jazz recording . The first thing you notice is the black background and neutral presentation. Female and male vocals are very natural, but Amos Lee's vocals on “Dreamin'” were missing just a little fullness. I didn't seem to notice this thinness or lack of fullness on other cuts. The tonality of the instruments is a joy to listen to. The piano of Vienna Teng, upright bass of Brian Bromberg, the sax on “Over The Rainbow”, and guitar of Amos Lee were witness to the realism.

For bass I listened to “My Heart is Pounding Like a Hammer”, “Freedom Jazz Dance”, and “Barbossa is Hungry”, the later from the 1st "Pirates Of The Caribbean" soundtrack. Lower bass acoustic bass on Bromberg's song and “Barbossa is Hungry” and the drums and electric bass on “My Heart is Pounding Like a Hammer” had good fullness. Bass could be a little tighter but then again these are Sezai's entry level interconnects.



Overall this SilverFi combo is well balanced with a relaxed, easy going presentation, has good bass and a very black background.
The tonality is neutral and natural sounding.
The tempo and attack are good.
The sound stage has good height, width, and depth.


I would be very happy living with this combination of SilverFi interconnects in my system. The only thing that I might would want to add would be a little more fullness to male vocals and a little more dynamic attack. Other than that, I recommend the Phrygian se and Shaman x1 as a combo that would bring you years of enjoyment.


Manufacturer's comments:

Your review is welcomed. Thanks for that. I have worked as an importer/dealer of high end electronics in Turkey. The result of my field experience taught me that the weakest link in the audio chain was cables, at least cables to my taste and understanding of audio. My search is to get a natural balance without sacrificing the details and textures. And I think that with the recent developments I have almost reached to my target. Of course I am always searching to find better ways. You can get more info on my cables and my thoughts on my web site and published professional reviews and user feedbacks:

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