RMAF 2011 Part 2

Jacob George and his Rethm speaker line have always been one of the best sounds at every show and this show was no different. A room we could have spent all day in. Here is the new Maarga at $8,750/pr. Jacob has abandoned the Lowther drivers for his own designs. The Maarga has been designed for the music-lover who wants a little "more" than the bigger, more expensive Trishna but still wants a reasonably compact loudspeaker that is aesthetically unique.

And what does the Maarga do that the Trishna does not?
After having worked with full-range drivers for a decade, he noticed that the larger the wide-bander, the better the midrange. The mid- and upper-bass naturally is better and fuller as well (however, there is a limit to "how big" -- as beyond an optimum it starts exhibiting treble loss ). The Maarga delivers on this premise, and quite simply delivers "more" of everything. With a custom made 6 inch driver instead of the 5 inch of the Trishna, with a bigger and longer labyrinth, with a larger isobaric bass enclosure, a more powerful bass amplifier, and a completely different "active" low-pass filter circuit, we are looking at a loudspeaker that takes the Trishna's performance to the next level.
The Maarga is recommended for rooms up to about 400 sq.ft. ( 40 sq.m. ).

In his room of about that size, the Maargas filled the room with a complex yet huge,layered soundstage, excellent dynamics, fluid and an uncanny naturalness, all without the benefit of ANY room treatments. Oh yeah...the amps he was using (his own design)

put out a whopping 2 1/2 watts per channel! The Maargas are very sensitive, somewhere around 96 db.

One of the best sounds at the show.




Big honkin' monoblocks from Triode! The TRX-M845SE's use 845 or 211 driving 845 in parallel Single ended Class A.

They are auto-bias and weigh about 125 lbs each! 50 watts @ 8 Ohms. Stunning sound via Dr. Lee's speakers.

Like many producers bringing new gear to market, it's almost impossible to put a price on new products because of the wildly fluctuating

world currencies, especially the dollar and the euro. So price about $20,000 per pair.





We've followed Vinnie Rossi since the days he was modding Toshiba CD players for guys on AA. My how he's taken off!

And for good reason - he makes some of the best and most cost conscious components on the planet. We often advise people that they can't go wrong with any of his products.

He's one of the pioneers of  "off the grid" battery operation and all his products incorporate it.


Tube preamp at $4,000



MM/MC phonostage at $3,000

and his new CD transport that works with Red Wine gear only. $500



New more budget friendly preamp, the Signature 15. Hybrid class A tube input + AB output.

Only $1,500


How about battery powered 100 watt monoblocks? He's got 'em! (bottom of top picture)

The Lilianas are the first battery powered amp to unite high-current FET output with tubes.

Now we can power almost any speaker with electronic hash, noise and distortion.

Introductory price of $5,600 per pair till the end of the year.





What?! Onkyo? Seriously?

Yes. Onkyo has decided to jump into the high performance arena with this new power amp, the M-5000R.

We think it looks pretty cool with those big meters. And yes, we did ask for a review to which they replied "gladly".

They say, "Signal quality on the M-5000R is meticulously preserved by new AWRAT technology, while three-stage inverted Darlington circuitry provides extremely efficient power output. Massive twin toroidal transformers and four 27,000 µF capacitors work to stabilize the power supply and current, respectively. And to minimize errors in stereophonic playback, the amplifier incorporates a totally symmetrical alignment of power devices for left and right channels".

Special Features

AWRAT (Advanced Wide Range Amplifier Technology)
Quad Push-Pull Amplification Design with Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry
Two Massive Toroidal Transformers with Sub Transformer
Four Large 27,000 µF Capacitors

Balanced XLR Input for Monaural Amplification in BTL Mode

They DO publish very rigorous specs as you see below. We wish all high-end ampmakers disclosed this much.

Bucking the trend, especially in the mid-fi world, this is NOT a class D amp. Class AB all the way.


Power Output (2 ch stereo) -
4 ohm 150 W/Ch (20Hz - 20kHz, 0.05%, 2ch driven, FTC)
4 ohm 170 W/Ch (1kHz, 1%, 2ch driven, FTC)
8 ohm 80 W/ch (20Hz - 20kHz, 0.05%, 2ch driven, FTC)
8 ohm 100 W/Ch (1kHz, 1%, 2ch driven, FTC)

Power Output (BTL mono) -
6 ohm 220 W/Ch (20Hz - 20kHz, 0.05%, 1ch driven, FTC)
6 ohm 250 W/Ch (1kHz, 1%, 1ch driven, FTC)
8 ohm 180 W/Ch (20Hz - 20kHz, 0.05%, 1ch driven, FTC)
8 ohm 200 W/Ch (1kHz, 1%, 1ch driven, FTC)

$2,699.00 SRP


Can't have a big power amp without a matching, preamp, right?

Enter the P-3000R.


. The preamp also features a built-in DAC with dual 192-kHz/32-bit digital-to-analog converters with coaxial and optical inputs as well as USB 2.0 async. The P-3000R adds a professional AES/EBU input that signals its hi-end intentions. The USB port that lets you stream high-resolution files from your computer. For standard-rez files, the DAC can upsample the signal to either double or quadruple the original sampling rate.

Inputs: (4) stereo analog; phono; (2) coaxial and (2) optical digital; AES/EBU; USB
• Outputs: (2) stereo analog pre outs plus tape loop; optical digital



As Karen Carpenter sang, "We've Only Just Begun"!

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