Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012

Part 4



Our Dr. John Richardson in the April Music room.


The EXIMUS DP1 is a high-end digital to analog converter up to 192kHz/24Bit, which can also be used as a pure preamplifier and top-quality headphone amplifier.

The DP1 has 6 digital inputs including USB 2.0. Each input supports playback of files up to 192kHz/24Bit (44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz). For USB this is accomplished with the ultimate USB 2.0 solution from XMOS with its super-quality oscillators (2 separate oscillators for the multiples of 44.1 and 48kHz).


The EXIMUS S1 is a Stereo/Bridged mono block power amplifier with 125W/CH at 8 ohms of output.

The EXIMUS S1 is a stereo amplifier which can be used as a mono amplifier a flip of a switch.
Not only does it provide outstanding musical performance, but it also has a capacity enough to drive most of the high-end speakers in the market. When operating the unit as Bridged mode, it can be used as Monaural amplifier which can drive high-end speakers at 500W/CH at 8 Ohms of output.

To ensure top musical performance and longer life of operation, Eximus S1 is applied with the most advanced 250ASX2 ICEpower® Module from B&O. It is the result of consistent studies to secure the high musicality and its specialized designs of each protection circuit

In case you want to have more output power, you can prepare additional EXIMUS S1 and make it upgraded as a perfect Mono/Mono High-end system.

ICEpower Module from Bang & Olufsen (B&O)
Designed with the latest generation of D-Class amplifier from B&O, the S1 incorporates their core amplifier technology named COM (Controlled Oscillating Modulator) and MECC (Multivariable Enhanced Cascade Control).

The S1 is custom designed with full balanced input circuitry.

Stereo to Bridged Mono switch function. Used as monaural amplifier with another S1, the power output will be increased to 500W.

The S1 compact chassis is exactly the same dimensions as the DP1. You can stack them vertically or place them side by side horizontally.




Amidst the tsunami of digital gear, there was still some serious

analog on display.

This is the new Pro Ject Xtension 10 that looks much more high-end than its $3,699 belies - and that includes the Sumiko Blackbird cartridge.

Beginning with the mass-loaded magnetically floated sub-chassis and the precision balanced sandwich alloy platter (recycled vinyl/alloy), the foundation of this system weighs in at a super-heavy 48lbs. Additionally, Pro-Ject employs magnetic decoupling feet to thwart airborne or mechanical vibration from disturbing playback. This mass and isolation creates an environment of extremely low resonance allowing music to emerge from an ultra-silent black background. An AC motor with a two-step pulley drive with Electronic Speed Control maintains perfect pitch and rhythm resulting in inaudible wow, flutter and noise. Further reducing noise and vibration is the isolated Sorbothane mounting board for the 10" carbon-fiber tonearm. The conical arm and unified headshell are fabricated from a single piece of carbon fiber to avoid problems associated with standing wave reflections. Single screw fixing of the armtube allows for easy rotation for adjustment of needle azimuth. Additionally the arm is fully adjustable for VTA. A high-performance 123cm phono interconnect cable is included.


They were showing the new Venere 1.5 monitor At $1,200. It is a 2-way bookshelf speaker characterized by the Lyre shaped enclosure used on several Sonus faber models including the flagship Aida. Additionally, the rear aerodynamic profile prevents a negative reaction with the wall behind the loudspeaker reducing undesired room / speaker interaction.

The port is positioned on the front baffle making placement of the 1.5 easy and flexible and also enhances the potential of the drivers, one 6” mid-woofer with a Curv™ cone and a 1” tweeter with silk dome.

Particular attention was given to the floor stand to optimize the sound quality of the 1.5. Utilizing a tempered glass base with individually adjustable aluminium feet, it conforms to the Venere family design providing fluidity of style and functionality. The cone spike feet allow for the effective de-coupling from the floor.

The amp was the Audio Research DSi200 integrated - 200 wpc for $6,000



The new $1,995 Rega P6. We didn't like the Brit flag treatment, but we liked the way it sounded.


The cast aluminum sub-platter is manufactured to the highest tolerance. It uses a six-point mounting system to ensure that the platter and the vinyl are presented as flat as possible to the stylus, in this case the Exact 2 included cart.

The RP6 features an innovative .6"-thick two-piece platter design constructed from float glass. Manufactured using a complex and labor intensive invisible UV curing bond technique, the secondary ring platter is permanently bonded to the underside of the main platter. The extra ring adds mass to the outer circumference, which increases the natural flywheel effect of the platter. The result is improved speed stability, accuracy, and consistency, they say.

The motor is a high specification, 24V twin phase synchronous unit which has the anti vibration circuit hand tuned to each motor and is controlled by Rega's unique and innovative TTPSU power supply. The motor drives the CNC machined pulley and sub platter/hub-bearing assembly via the belt drive.


The compact TT-PSU outboard power supply for the RP6 uses a high stability, crystal-locked, low distortion sine wave generator. This, along with an efficient drive amplifier fed from a stabilized DC power supply, generates a 24-volt AC balanced signal of less than 0.05% distortion, which is completely unaffected by any changes in the mains/line voltage and conditions. This then drives the improved Rega anti-vibration circuit built into the RP6 motor PCB. The TT-PSU's push-button speed control frees you from having to move a belt to change speed.


This is the backside of the Vanatoo Transparent One Powered Speaker.

But it's more than a speaker for only $499/pr.

It can be used directly or wirelessly.

3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable (plugs into headphone jack)
3.5 mm to RCA "Y" cable
Speaker wire

Four input options
Analog input (direct connection to your player´s headphone jack)
3 digital inputs: USB audio, TOSLINK® optical, and Coax
60 watts per channel D2Audio® Class D amplifier with integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
Frequency response - 49 to 20,000 Hz +/- 2 dB
Patented 5 ¼ inch XBL™ woofer for deep bass and clear midrange
1 inch silk dome tweeter for smooth, sweet highs
Custom long-excursion passive radiator for extended bass response
Volume, treble, and bass controls lets you adjust the sound to your liking
Left/Right switch lets you select the position of the active speaker for proper stereo imaging
Convenient auxiliary AC power out connector for your Apple Airport Express other powered device
Optional subwoofer output (and we mean optional!) with automatic subwoofer sensing and crossover switching
Automatic low power sleep mode consumes less than a standard nightlight
Real cherry wood veneer in black or hand rubbed natural stain
Compact size - 6 1/2" W x 10" H x 8 1/8" D
Thick, ¾ inch resonance-free MDF cabinet for better acoustical characteristics

They asked if we'd like to review them. All that tech for $499 a pair? Oh yeah.


Our head guy James Darby inspects the new Wilson Maxx 3 at $68,000 driven by Doshi amps.

"Impressive hi-fi", he said, "but there are several systems that cost less that were more musical, more moving

and immersive". Like what? "Coincident comes to mind...Legacy...and the new KO by Nola, to name just a few.."

Everyone else was fawning all over these..oh well. No, we won't be reviewing them. Oh well...


This is the new KR Audio VA880 integrated amp, about $6,000. 50 wpc via 4 KR Kt88's.

It just arrived in our offices yesterday for review.



Eunice Kron, head of KR Audio.



It seemed Von Schwiekert speakers were everywhere and for good reason.

If youbuild amp but not speakers, you need speakers to let people hear your amp.

You want your amp to sound as good as possible.

These are the VR-35, a souped up version of our Best Value Speaker for 2011, the VR-33.

The 35 has upgraded cabinet design, transducers, binding posts and crossovers.

VS also introduced a new super-value model, the VR-22 which is only $2,895/pr.

SIZE – 40”H X 16”W X 12”D

Albert said he'd be glad to send us a pair for review.




Wow. Great pictures and more detail than any other Show report!

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