Mike Garner's showed some interesting speakers from SP Technology

Look at the big black speakers (The Revelation) on the left. How much do you think they cost?

How about $19,995? Impressive. Especially compared to the many other "big mothers" we heard and saw.

We have the first review of them scheduled. We're looking forward to evaluating them for you.

The smaller monitors are $2,995. Big image with a lot of detail. Nice.


Cole Hatfield of Nawrocka Hifi distribution was showing a new to the US line by the German Sovereign luxury electronics company that has a more affordable line called Aaron. The new Aaron No 1, an integrated amp for $4200, puts out 95 Watts into 8 ohms and is distinguished by conical control knobs. It has six inputs and a preamp out for bi-amping. It is available in silver of black and comes with a solid machined remote.


BD Design from the Netherlands gets Clark Hertz's vote for the best sound in a small hotel room. Their swing horn speakers ($33k) with their own electronics made the walls disappear. Part of the magic was due to the horns channeling the sound wave to the listener directly without bouncing off the side walls.

BD Design also demonstrated a handsome matching trio of electronics. The Crazy T DA converter at $4000 is a breakthrough product specifically designed for usage with a computer as a source. The unit receives buffered bulk data and then uses an internal clock to generate the data stream which eliminates jitter. The Crazy V passive preamp is a transformer based unit using a remote controlled stepped attenuator. It has three single ended inputs and single set of outputs. It retails for $3000. The Crazy A power amp is a matching 30 watt amp and can be used as a stereo or mono block amp and retails for $2500.







Feastrex showed Big Mother speakers with a small single driver.



Kentucky good guy Ty Lashbrook and his Tyler Acoustics went way uptown with this striking new model

(yet another Big Mother) Decade D1 ($9500/pr including shipping) loudspeakers. Our motto is "High-end audio sound doesn't need to cost a fortune."

Ty proves that every day.











Yet another new Scandinavian line distributed by Laufer Teknik is Bladelius. Not cheap, but not as expensive as it looks.







It might look like Classe', but it's not - it's the look of Lindemann's 800 series.They look cool - they 820 SACD player above is a cool $21,700. Yikes...






Spread Spectrum Ampzilla 2000 mono - 100 watts, $7,500


New ICE based Class D bargains from AeoluS. Prices range from $495 to $749

VIVA showed their Single Ended Integrated Amplifier. Among other characteristics are the zero feedback circuitry and the fast power supply using 211 tubes in the power supply section.

Tube complement: 2 x 211 ; 2 x 845 ; 2 x 6SN7 ; 2 x 6C45p four line inputs and one direct input ; one buffered line output.


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