LAUFER TEKNIK has become one of the top distributors in the world with lines like Behold, Nova Physics, Podium, Bybee, Bladelius and more.

These speakers are the Ascendo (yet another line) C8's. We just finished our listening tests and will have the world's first review coming soon.


Laufer also picked up the Volent speaker line.This Paragon VL-2 uses Twin-Ribbon technology with specially designed 7" Graphite/Titanium sandwiched cone woofer.

We like speakers with black leather trim.










Albert Von Schweikert's VR-9SE. Very impressive, but they should be at $90,000/pair









Hansen's new Emperor loudspeakers ($60,000/pair).

Driven by dCS Scarlatti Stack at about $80,000 total, the BAT electronics at about another $60,000 and TARA cables at about $40,000 plus other elements and you have a cool quarter million buck system.

Amazing sound though. How's your 401(k) doing?


















While we're in the stratospheric price category, here are the Focal Grande Utopia EMs  at only $180,000 per pair.


They do include several adjustments to tune them to your cavern, uh, we mean room. They also employ the industry's hottest driver trend - the field coil. This woofer is a robust 16 incher.










Speaking of speaker drivers, SEAS showed these new "exotic" models. The F8 and WB, unlike other drivers like Lowther and Fostex which can take thousands of hours to break in (some claim Lowthers NEVER fully break in) these take only about 40 hours due to their rubber (not foam) surrounds.



Now here is something new and noteworthy. It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Christian Feickert and compliment him on his

cartridge alignment tool we've been using since it came out. He showed us around his brand new "Twin" turntable at about $5,000.

There's nothing new or groundbreaking here, but may be a decent value at the price.




This is the first time we've seen speakers by Sonist.

Nice. Very nice. Claimed 95db efficiency.

Both models use an 8" proprietary treated paper cone woofer and a Fountek JP3.0 ribbon tweeter.

$3,495/pair for the towers and $2,495 for the monitors.













We were surprised (pleasantly so) when we were told these speakers by Roberts Acoustic were only $2,495/pair.

We had not seen these before, either. But then that's why we spend the time and bucks to go to these shows - to find

great products that aren't publicized or reviewed in the print mags - or most other webzines, either.

These "Rapide" models use top of the line Accuton ceramic woofers and Scanspeak AirCirc tweets. "Rapide" as in "fast" indeed!

Crossovers designed by Rick Craig of Selah with Mundorfs, Goertz and Hillparts with 14 gage wire. They are internally mounted on Sorbathane

to minimize vibration. Amazing how many speaker makers ignore this important point.

They are sold direct only which helps explain the low price, but still...

We want to get a pair for review ASAP!


We have seen these NSR Sonic Research D3 Concerto Sonatas before, but they seemed to sound even better this time.

Front line array
6” synthetic fiber composition cone treated driver
1” ring radiator tweeter
6” aluminum cone driver with phase plug

Bass driver compliment/Acoustic Projection Lens
8” composite cone low frequency driver
Mounted in a separate sealed forward APL enclosure
Independent network from the line array
Designed to reach into the low 20Hz region


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