As usual, Jim Salk's speakers looked as gorgeous as they sounded. Dark wood is the SongTower,now available with ribbon tweeter for an extra $700.

Light wood is his classic Veracity HT3 - already with a ribbon

Jim said he's still selling as many as he can make.


Modwright debuted their new amp - about 140 watts and around $5,000 when it's released


Von Gaylord Monos - 180 watts in triode mode - $7,495/pair


Seigfried Linkwitz and his Orion open baffles - with a twist



Twin woofers firing front & rear - plus rear firing tweeter

Complete package with Active crossover/equalizer, ATI power amplifiers
Speaker cables, Interconnects starting at about $8,000

Also available as DIY



We've has many requests to review the new Benchmark DAC1 Preamp, show here with Wadia Ipod doc

When we asked for a review sample we were told -"Absolutely! We'll send one right away!"


Mike Allen of Jolida was showing the new $399 JD10 10wpc tube mini integrated aimed at the younger generation.

The glass is super strong - he showed us by pounding on the glass

Michael also told us exclusively that he is redoing the entire Jolida line with updated looks (more glass) and performance.


Lansche Audio powered 4.1 loudspeakers with plasma tweeter (look close, you can see the gas glowing) $55,595



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