Both of these speakers are "Sonics" by Joachim Gerhard




Lou Hinkley of Daedalus Audio had his big Ulysses three-way floorstander being driven by Manley Labs 250 monoblock tube amplifiers.

The $12,000 towers are rated at 28 to 25kHZ +/- 1.5db  at 97 db efficiency.



We all know that hi-end audio is being made in countries such as China, Taiwan and Russia. We've seen amps made in Spain and Vietnam.

We even hear they're making speakers in France! (just kidding)

Here were see amps that are made in Belgrade (Solaja Audio) and speakers made in Serbia! (NG Acoustics)




Joe Fratus and Art Audio are always used at shows by companies wanting their speakers to sound their best.

This is Joe's beautiful Jota.



Ribbons are becoming more and more in vogue, mostly as tweeters. Here's a ribbon by

Fibonnaci. They do built-in concepts as well.


From Switzerland comes FM Acoustics. No info available on it, either.



Grant Fidelity is a Candian company whose products are made in China that specializes in tube gear in a very full line of

amps and disc players. Not very expensive by high-end standards.This is their new RITA 340 integrated amp.



Oracle was showing their new Corinth low output cartridge and they have also put together money saving packages for their

Delphi Mk V turntable including various arms and cartridges.

We have a review scheduled for the 'table, but they are having problems getting arms from SMC.

We they get an arm they can spare, we'll get the table, they say.



These new speakers from MBl caused a little buzz at the show. The MBL 116 is "only" $22,550/pair but sound much like their bigger brothers which are twice the price.