CES 2014

T.H.E SHOW 2014


Part 3



ELAC BS 312 $2,800

Good sounding very small speaker.



Audio Research, know for their very expensive amps, now makes this VS 75, 75 wpc tube integrated high definition amp. Has remote and easy biasing provides tool.




Heard of Constellation Audio? They make a large line of very beautiful, modern, high-tech componenets.

They target the best with prices to match.

This integrated amp, The Argo, fully balanced 125 wpc is their entry level at $20,000.





Balanced Audio Technology showed this VK-3000SE integrated amp for the first time ever.

Features a Unistage preamp section based on the same reference 6H30 SuperTube used in their REX II preamp.

Then you get a high current 150 wpc solid state amp section. Metal remote is standard. A phono section is optioned.

We didn't hear it, but at about $8,000 it seems like a good value.




Coin Audio 3rd year in business, 1st year in US, 1st appearance at CES.

The Floorstanders are the Mansion. Following the trend of many good speakers, they use an Air motion tweeter.

Woofer 6.5" paper cone with ceramic coating. Unique.

They make the cones (Tawain)

Downward reflex board. Outside you don't see a single screw.

Tower $8,300 pair with stand. 45 Hz frequency.

Mansion Compact $2,250 pair without stand. Go down to 60 Hz.


We've heard big Soundlab speakers at many shows and for their size and price, we were never blown away.



This year they were driven by WAVAC Audio Lab Gold tube amps, glass enclosure. $80,000 pair (mono blocks.

Total transformation. Much more musical, refined and downright gorgeous sounding. 

This exhibit was at THE SHOW and was the very first room we entered. They set the bar high - one of the best sounds at EITHER show!



Italian Mastersound designer Lorenzo Sanavio





Finale 845 Monoblock, 30 watt single ended with 2 845b tubes. $10,700 Euro (pair)




Dueundici is and single ended Class A with 11 wpc.3 input lines with wood remote control.

2,000 Euro 

They make 7 different all tube integrated amps.







Liz Hare and her son have formed RCH labs with the purchase of the old RCA tube factory in Mound House Nevada

(along with the original designs) and is now making new tubes from the old designs but with modern improvements

like laser cutters to make them even better and more reliable.

New Blackplates!



New RCA (RCH) tubes.



EAT, one of the best sounding 300B tubes (we own a pair and find them superior to class leaders like Western Electric)

has come out with a new 300B (on the left) which is said to sound even better. Distributed by Music Hall.



BLUESOUND is at the cutting edge of wireless speakers and stream audio.

the Pulse ($699) is a stand-alone streaming speaker (second shelf from the bottom) contains two 2 1/4" full range drivers and one 5 1/4" bass driver driven by an 80 WPC Direct Digital Amplifier—similar to the NAD M50 direct digital amp.


The system is capable of playing files to 24/192 in many formats (MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WMA-L, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF), which can be accessed from streaming sources over Wi-Fi and Ethernet network connections, and through a Toslink connection from digital sources, or via USB port from music stored on a USB dongle. The Pulse is controlled with an app available for both iOS and Android devices.



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