CES 2014

T.H.E SHOW 2014


Part 4


HiFiMAN Announced their HM-700 Portable Music Player for

       Music Lovers On-The-Go




32 gig storage


Smallest, lightest HiFiMAN player to date. Weighs less than 3 ounces.



Hi Fi man also introduced new HM-802 High Performance digital Music Player 128 gig storage $699

Supports DSD (DFF format) files




Evolution Audio was showing their very hot MMMicroOne which we currently have in house

for a Word's First review. Best small speaker we heard = $4,000 with custom integrated stands

This is Kevin Malmgren, designer








EMM Labs $130,000 pair for mono amps




This is the Astell & Kern ultimate AK240 approx. $2,400.

It's designed for ultimate sound quality and DOES play every format

including DSD




This is Mark Levinson - the man. You know he sold his name brand several years ago to another company that now makes Mark Levinson amps. His new name, or at least his company, in now Daniel Hertz. He explained that the name in amalgam of family names , including his great uncle who worked with frequencies and where we now talk of frequency by that name, Hertz.


He told us about his new Master Class music player software for Mac with revolutionary capabilities. where listeners can have the sound and feeling of SACD and the best analog master tapes from PCM digital sources including CD and compressed music downloads. Master Class enables the listener to dial in the most subtle corrections and well as the most dramatic. "The most revolutionary thing at the show", he said.



The M2 speaker (standmount above) is identical in every respect to the high frequency horn and 12” woofer section of the M1, except that, without the 18” woofer, it is a compact unit that generally does not block window views, paintings, etc. The sound quality, technology, finish, and performance are exactly the same as the M1 but the M2 can be called a “lifestyle” product due to its ability to disappear or integrate into a living room environment.

The M2 can be used as a full range speaker. Many people will be satisfied with its bass performance, without the M3 subwoofer. In this case, only stereo amplification is required, such as a pair of M5 Mono Reference Power Amplifiers. For those who seek to approach the deep bass power of the M1, an M3 subwoofer can be added to make a 2.1 system. In this case, it is recommended to use a pair of M5 amplifiers to drive the M2’s, and one M5 to drive the M3. The M5 amps for the M2’s are switched to HP (frequencies above 80Hz). The M5 for the M3 is switched to LP (frequencies below 80Hz). The M2 can also be powered by any high quality power amplifier due to its high efficiency and 8 Ohms nominal input impedance. For sonic perfection, the M5 is recommended. A pair of M2 speakers is a compact and elegant solution for most music lovers searching for the highest level of emotional involvement, beauty of design and finish, and quality of construction. The M5 amps are pure Class A at 400 wpc with no wasted he


Model M1 big speakers including whole system $190,000 (four M5 (TELIKOS) Mono Reference Power Amplifiers. Each channel employs one M5 switched to HP (frequencies above 80 Hz) and one M5 switched to LP (frequencies below 80 Hz).

The M1 produces 100dB of sound pressure level (SPL) with only 1 Watt of power. Most people listen at far less than 100dB most of the time. Therefore, an effortless feeling of sound reproduction is achieved, with virtually no dynamic compression.

Mark also mentioned a new compact system, not at the show, that will include new M8 speakers and M9 amp that will sell for $7,000.


The big news here is that he says it will also be sold by APPLE!


Apple getting into the entry level high-end? Interesting......







DynAudio showed their line of new and improved speakers.





Bryston's line of speakers.

The Model T, second from left, is $4,600/pr.


Much more to come!


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