Part 3

 This year Ayon teamed up with Legacy and Lumen White speakers. The huge Legacy Whispers (on the ends)

sounded incredible even in the small room. They are being sent to us for review as we write this. Anyone wanna help us set them up?


The Lumen White Artisan's in blond we've reported on before are a hefty $35,000/pair.


The Ayon CD-2 tube CD player is our CD player of the year. It's simply the most non-digital sounding, most musical player we've had the pleasure of reviewing.

The only reason our publisher did not buy the review unit is because Ayon has these new players debuting at the show and we want to get our hands and ears on them.

Above is the new CD-7, a less expensive model that includes an Ipod dock. It does not include the reference quality preamp of the other models, but hey, there's an Ipod dock - something we're seeing much more of.  The new CD-07 sells for only $2800 and give you a big part of the wonderful CD-2.

The CD-5 is the top-of-the-line Ayon player at $9,500

and sounds even better, says distributor Charlie Harrison, than the CD-2. That's hard to imagine.

We have not reviewed these massive Orthos monoblocks that go for $16,000/pr. They feature
230+230 Watts RMS Pentode/Triode
True Balanced or Single-Ended - Class A, Zero Feedback


This Ayon Orion tube integrated lists for only $2,800 but sports a list of quality features not found in even much more expensive amps. Check these out:

Full-featured vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier
Switchable between pentode and triode mode
4 x KT88 power output tubes
3 x 12AU7
Timer warm up circuit for all tubes, extends tube life
Automatic power tube protection circuit system
High current filament-regulator for pre and driver tubes
Choke filtered power supply
0dB negative feedback
Power transformer is encased, excellent damped and RFI/EMI shielded
High performance output transformer
All transformers are sealed with an anti-resonance compound material
Selected, premium quality passive components used in all applications
High speed capacitors
DC-Power filter
MKP capacitors
Ceramic tube sockets
Shortest possible signal paths
Central one-point star earth grounding
External static bias adjustment – rear panel
Copper matrix - internal signal cable
Fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship
Alu-brushed anodized anti-vibration-resonance and non-magnetic chassis
3 line inputs
1 USB input
1 Pre out
1 Headphone
AC phase polarity control indicator
Gold-plated heavy duty binding posts and input jacks
Metal remote commander
Chassis finish: black / black




Rega is another company that makes high quality components at very reasonable prices.

We spent quite a bit of time talking to Matthew Silberstein - another good guy - about Rega products. We have visited Rega's home office in Dallas and have always been impressed, but we've never reviewed any Rega products. That's about to change.

Rega showed their new Osiris flagship integrated amplifier ($9,000) and Isis flagship CD player, also 9 grand. Rega is going uptown!

They still sell lots of gear at lesser prices though, like the new Minuet bookshelf Matthew holds for us that will sell for $1,500/pair. Matt is sending us a pair for review. Of course, Rega makes some of the best arms in the business and even complete turntables for less than $500.

Matt also told us some exciting news about Rega turntables, but he said we couldn't report on it yet. And we keep our word. He is sending us one of the current tables for review. We look forward to hearing it. And to working with Matt.

Speaking of killer turntables, this is the new new Thorens TD309 "tri balance". We were first to report that this table was coming to market. Now that it's here, its features include:

• New innovative Tri-Balance suspended sub chassis turntable
• New suspension system to make setting up easy
• Low Noise, Low Voltage electronically speed controlled DC Motor
• Adjustable belt tension for best performance
• Aluminium sub platter with single line contact
• Fused silica platter for consistency and sound quality

New low resonance TP92 arm with precision Japanese bearings
• Arm adjustable for azimuth and overhang.

Price is $1,500




Tom Vu's KT Audio Imports room was bristling with turntables!

He is distributor for Germany's Musical Life tables (our review of the Jazz Reference tables is coming soon), and he is also the new distributor for Acoustic Signature tables and Gamut. Tom proudly stands next to the Grande Reference table that weighs a ton and sells for a surprising $34,000.


Gunther Frohmhofer is the designer for Acoustic Signature tables and taught us a lot about turntable construction.


The Analog One Mk3 will handle 3 tonearms and 3 motors. The bearing runs dry with no oil, it is so well made. It's guaranteed for 10 years.



The entry level Samba Mk II.


LA Audio was new to us, but has been making a large line of audio products in Taiwan since 1988. Their price list shows more than 20 products, mostly tube amplifiers.

They do not have a US distributor yet.


This M5 integrated puts out 25 wpc and has 3 inputs and 8 tubes. It's priced at an amazing $1,050. We are arranging for review samples.


Brian Ackerman of Aadio Imports distributes very expensive gear like the Einstein electronics and Acapella speakers above, about $200,000 for the complete system. The new High Violoncello II speakers will set you back $80,000 alone.


However, Brian showed us the new Einstein dual mono phono stage (complete with white gloves) that will sell for $3,900.

Brian said he'd send us one.