I might take this occasion to note that RMAF is celebrating their 10th

anniversary this year. Congrats to Marjorie and the Colorado Audio Society!

In addition, Stereomojo is celebrating our 9th anniversary. Yay for us!

We are famous for our shoot outs and direct comparisons, that's why we found this room so fascinating.

Dana cable was doing a direct A/B comparison between their cable and another "Unnamed" cable which they said was in a similar price range.

So we listened. And sure enough there was a huge difference between the two cables. And guess what. The Dana cable was clearly superior. Night and day. Of course, not knowing what the other cable was spoiled the fun.





This was probably the coolest and most beautiful products at the show. Very high-tech, too.

The finish is a gorgeous mirror silver chrome with a tiny circular readout. It's an all-in-one you can hang on the wall.

There are three models, but all look the same, from 4,990 Euros to 12,900 Eu.

Lets take the middle one for $6,500 - yes dollars.

First you get 170 wpc.

From there it does:

Streamer board option
Line and advanced phono stage
Optical (Toslink and minijack)
Analog Line on Coax
RS232 in/out
Trigger in/out
Digital Out
Sub Out

It does NOT do DSD. Yet. But it will, it's upgradable.

Does not have internal storage. Doesn't specify NAS, but maybe if you ask nicely...

This is the remote. Metal. As in cast from one piece of...

DSP 400 MHz 4 channels 40 bit/192 kHz floating point
Single Ultra High Precision clock, low jitter
Patented ADH Core (Analog Digital Hybrid)
Patented Ultra Linear Class A
Patented Devialet DAC Converter "Magic Wire" - Component TI PCM1792, 24 bit/192 kHz
Patented Switch Mode Power Supply 600W, peak 2100W

WiFi is optional.


Universal WiFi streamer (Devialet AIR) for MacOS or Windows, plays any content or live stream from a computer.
Compatible with all players (iTunes, VLC, WMP, …) and all Internet radios or online services
(Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, Wolgang's Vault, Tunein, Opeo and thousands of others …) Devialet Remote App for iOS & Android with volume and source control and music file streaming

Did we say it was gorgeous ad you can hang it on a wall if you want?

Speaking of "want", this is one of the very few products I saw that I really wanted.




These monsters were designed by Danny Richie which says volumes already. You might think these are the old GR Research LS-9

we reviewed eons ago, but no. These babys are totally open baffle. The LSX , baby.

It appears they were being driven by Danny's custom made Dodd monster monos, but nay - he was using tiny little 12 watt amps.


Look at the sides:

There is a wooden partition to keep wave interference down between speakers,

but otherwise, this is what you see from the side.

 Photo by Danny Richie

Hiding behind the massive towers were two servo subs, one on each side, each with their own 370 watts.

"They go flat to 20, too - in room", he grinned.

Price for all that goodness? $39,900.




Mockingbird also showed some turntables by Zorin. This is the Dalia, $9,750 minus arm, weighing in at 172 lbs.

Figures. The plinth is made of granite!



This is the Black Stork at $9,550 sans arm but including the stand.



THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is THE speaker about which we get the most questions, especially WHEN are you going to do the review?!

Well, Evolution Audio guru Jonathan Tinn has been promising me the first reviews for a couple of years. There have been production problems and other things that have delayed him getting me a pair - especially the fact that he sells every pair he gets. But finally, FINALLY, he told me at the show that he was ready to send me a pair of the MMMicroOne's.

I just have to send him an email to remind him, he said. That email has been sent. We'll see...

ADDENDUM! I just got a call from Jon and he said they will be on their way in a day or two. That's the good news.The bad news is that they take 600 hours to break in! That's 25 days IF I run them 24 hours a day - which is not possible.

So as anxious as I am, don't look for a quick review. Dang.

Bryston is famous for their transport amps, but they also make speakers.

These are the $2695/pr Mini T Bookshelf. We'd call it a stand mount, but who's to argue with Bryston?

High levels of SPL without distortion or compression
Unit to Unit matching
Custom designed drivers with die-cast aluminium baskets, substantial magnet assemblies, and custom motor systems
Wide dispersion design
Engineered to prevent cabinet resonances

Frequency Response: 33Hz to 20Khz (+/- 3dB)
Impedance: 4 Ohms (nominal)
Sensitivity: 86 dB SPL @ 1 meter with 1 watt (anechoic)
Maximum SPL: 112 dB SPL @ 1 meter
Recommended Power: 10 watts to 250 watts RMS
Tweeter: Single 1.0"
Midrange: Single 5.25"
Mid-Woofer: Single 8.0"
Crossover: 160 Hz & 2.3kHz

They do not decode DSD.....


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